Woodingdean Medical Centre

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Diabetes Monitoring

Who do I see?

Practice Nurse/Health Care Assistant/GP


If you have Diabetes you will be invited for an annual Diabetes Care Review. Your Diabetic Review will allow us to monitor your health and assess aspects such as your long term blood glucose control, cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Once you have received an invite and booked your appointment, please assist our team by preparing for your appointment. Please see below:

  • Fill in our Diabetes pre-questionnaire via this link.
  • Bring a urine sample on the day (you should have been provided with a sample bottle at a previous appointment. If not you can pick one up beforehand. If this is not possible we will ask you to provide one before or after your appointment)
  • Please keep your feet clean (a foot check is part of your review)
  • Bring some home blood pressure readings if possible. You can print a home blood pressure diary via this link

For further information on your condition, please visit – NHS UK